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Curve C250Curve S250


Tested in the harshest environments on the planet, our range of slurry pumps remain unrivalled with even the most abrasive materials.

We employed the latest technology and design innovations to come up with a new range, that enables us to generate unparalleled savings for our customers.

Curve C range
impact reducing products

Curve C Range

Ultra Heavy Duty Slurry Pump For Highly Abrasive Applications.

Curve S range
impact reducing products

Curve S Range

Heavy Duty Rubber Lined Slurry Pump For Abrasive Applications.

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Drive Down Operating Costs

The combination of design & materials ensure that Curve® pumps have the lowest operating costs in the world.

Increase Availability

Improved hydraulic design ensures even wear distribution, eliminating “holing” effects. Lower speeds achieve the same duty result in longer wear life & intervals between routine maintenance.

Reduce Power Consumption

Optimal hydraulic design & machined tolerances achieve higher efficiencies.

The Curve® adjustable suction liner ensures that these efficiencies are maintained throughout the complete life cycle of the pump.

Curve C

Reduce Water Consumption

A completely redesigned sealing arrangement allows for a dry seal instead of costly gland service water.

Significantly reduced sealing maintenance due to high-chrome shaft sleeve and lantern ring.

Retrofittable To Legacy Pump Systems

We know that progressive engineering solutions must be practical for our clients, which is why our range of Curve slurry pumps can easily be retrofitted to legacy pumping systems.

Improve Safety

Careful consideration of the on-site use and maintenance of Curve® pumps led us to develop dedicated lifting equipment that provides ease of maintenance & minimal downtime.

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