Battlemax® Gravel Pumps

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Battlemax® Gravel Pumps
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Our Battlemax® Gravel Pump Range

Gravel pumps are designed for long life, efficient operation and ease of maintenance. Gravel pumps have high-chrome wet ends with expeller or stuffing box seal arrangements.

Design Considerations

Bearing assembly and shaft

  • The shaft is designed with a short overhang to:
    • Reduce shaft deflection
    • Minimise vibration
  • Provided with hardened shaft sleeve to protect the shaft
  • Bearing assembly is retained on a one piece frame
  • Grease-purged piston rings to help seal contaminates out of bearing housing


  • Enclosed impellers to maximise efficiency
  • Pump-out vanes on both shrouds
    • Minimises re-circulation
    • Reduces stung box pressure
  • High chrome liquid ends
  • Interchangeable hard metal impellers
  • Impeller clearance is set by moving the bearing assembly
  • High efficiency impeller optional

Single casing with assembly clamps

  • Easy assembly and disassembly of liquid end
  • Clamp design facilitates rotation of volute
  • Large volute reduces friction and wear
  • Minimal parts + simple design

Centrifugal seal option

  • Reduces or eliminates need for gland service water
  • Reduces sleeve wear and possible bearing contamination


Coverage Chart for Battlemax® Gravel Slurry Pumps