Battlemax® International Range

Design Considerations

The International Range of heavy duty slurry pumps are designed for long life, efficient operation and ease of maintenance, resulting in a lower Total Cost of Operation. These pumps are available in rubber, high-chrome, ultra-chrome or ceramic-lined materials for heavy-duty abrasive applications.

Battlemax® International Range
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Our International Range

The IN – Range is a heavy duty slurry pump that is 100% interchangeable with your legacy pumps.  The IN pumps range from 1/1.5 – 30/28 in size.  The IN Range can utilize many different materials including; High Chrome, Ultra High Chrome, Natural Rubbers, Synthetic rubber, Polyurethane and Acid Resistant Polyurethane.

Key features

Bearing assembly and shaft

  • The shaft is designed with a short overhang to reduce shaft deflection and minimise vibration
  • Provided with a hardened shaft sleeve to protect the shaft
  • Optional dimensionally interchangeable heavy duty bearing assemblies
  • Bearing assembly is retained on a one piece frame
  • Grease-pumped piston rings to help seal contaminates out of bearing housing


  • Enclosed impellers to maximise efficiency
  • Pump-out vanes on both shrouds minimises recirculation and reduces stuffing box pressure
  • High chrome, ceramic or elastomer liquid ends
  • Interchangeable hard metal, ceramic and elastomer impellers
  • Impeller clearance set by moving bearing assembly
  • High efficiency impeller optional

Double casing with radial split outer casing

  • Ease of assembly and disassembly of liquid end
  • Optional construction for higher working pressures
  • Removable liners are positively attached with fasteners
  • Interchangeable material options

Centrifugal seal option

  • Reduces or eliminates need for gland service water
  • Reduces sleeve wear and possible bearing contamination

Removable liner

  • Removable high chrome, elastomer, ceramic and tungsten-coated liners can be independently replaced, minimising maintenance costs

Coverage chart for international series pumps