Why develop the CURVE?

Slurry pumps and slurry pump maintenance account for a large portion of any Engineer’s budget. Pump & Abrasion Technologies® has always been looking for ways to assist our clients in driving down these costs through improved pump selection strategies, improved material composition of wear components, client inventory cost reduction and innovative pricing strategies.

In order to further reduce slurry pump costs Pump & Abrasion Technologies® has been working with its clients and throughout the last three years, collectively identified key improvement opportunities.

From a clean sheet, Pump & Abrasion Technologies® employed the latest technology and came up with a complete new range of slurry pumps, the CURVE range. The CURVE will allow Pump & Abrasion Technologies® to offer their clients a product that will significantly reduce slurry pump related costs as well as numerous added benefits.

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What makes CURVE good?

From a clean sheet we have designed and tested a new CURVE range of slurry pumps that has:

  • Optimised flow profile designs to reduce wear
  • Optimised wide passage internal hydraulic layout reduces wear over a wide range of flow rates
  • Improved volute cut-water profile to reduce wear
  • Best in class integral tapered impeller and liner faces virtually eliminates re-circulation in certain application extending wear life dramatically
  • Constant thickness of the impeller vanes allows more linear wear over the life cycle, resulting in higher efficiency being maintained over a longer period
  • First ever – fully profiled primary vanes in all material options
  • Large diameter expeller in wide wear face – dry gland
  • Hi-Cr shaft sleeve and lantern ring – No more stopping for premature sealing issues
  • Simple adjustable front liners
  • Optimised wear material to structural material ratios
  • Retrofit-able to existing mechanical ends – depending on installed model

What does Curve mean for you?

TOC Reduction

  • Total Ownership Cost reduction due to optimised capex and opex pumping package. (Between 40% and 60% TOC saving)
  • Reduced down time during maintenance intervals (up to 80% reduction)

Longer wear life

  • Longer time between maintenance intervals
  • Optimised wear material distribution
  • Significantly reduced sealing maintenance due to Hi-Cr shaft sleeve and lantern ring

Improved Efficiency

  • Matched impeller inlet profiles for optimum wear
  • Matched shroud and impeller faces for reduced recirculation
  • Higher efficiency vane profile

Lower power consumption throughout the life cycle

  • Improved flow profiles reduces wear rate and maintain efficiency throughout operational life.
  • Adjustable liners reduce recirculation increasing pumping efficiency

Improved safety during maintenance

  • Easy to install parts due to design & form
  • Quick release bolts with balanced lifting points
  • Easy three step assembly


Flow Coverage Map Per S-Range Pump Model: 0.5∙Qbep – 1.1∙Qbep