The Curve C200 Exceeds Expectations with Northern Quebec Customer

Our Flagship Curve Range of Slurry Pumps

Pump & Abrasion Technologies has taken the mining industry across the globe by storm, by creating a culture of innovation and engineering excellence. We are aware that slurry pumps are traditionally complex, high maintenance, expensive and notoriously unsafe to handle. 

However, we are dedicated to partnering with our customers, carefully working through their challenges, and providing innovative solutions in order to improve their operation. That is why our slurry pump specialists have developed a range of products that make a substantial difference in our customer’s TCO.

PABT Canada, did just that when we partnered with a Northwestern Quebec Gold Mine in order to optimise their pump system with our latest pumping technology, which resulted in a TCO reduction of up to 79,5 %. 

Competitors vs Pump & Abrasion Technologies

The Northwestern Quebec gold mine’s operation involved demanding and complex conditions, with the geological rock index being unmistakably high and it leading to highly abrasive slurries.

Competitor A’s slurry pumps were installed when the mine was created and Competitor B was given 3 trial runs on their slurry pumps in order to see how they could optimise the customer’s operation and how the pumps would run compared to Competitor A.

Competitor A’s slurry pumps, which are specifically designed with extra-thick rubber in order to last in the most severe and abrasive applications, failed when it came to the requirements of the customer. They only lasted for a mere 350 hours, with the TCO coming to ​​$469 711,20 annually. 

Competitor B’s world-renowned slurry pumps, designed to be able to handle large size particles in dense abrasive slurries, only gave the customer an increase of 650 hours - leading to an average lifespan of 1000 hours. However, the results would vary on each pump and the TCO amounting to a steep $639 644,95 annually.

In an attempt to reduce TCO and increase the lifespan, competitor B was given 3 attempts at optimising their slurry pumps. In the end, none of the changes were capable of meeting the customers expectations. Pump & Abrasion Technologies, who had approached the customer at an earlier stage when Competitor B’s trials were still running, was then contacted to urgently get involved and provide them with a solution:

The Customer’s objectives were clear - they wanted a 2-fold increase in lifespan and ZERO unexpected failures. PABT Canada contacted our global offices and we were able to come up with a pumping solution that would meet and exceed the objectives and expectations of the customer. 

The CURVE C200 slurry pump was installed for its trial in less than a week.


Partnering With Our Customers to Ensure Success

Pump & Abrasion Technologies took a different approach with the customer from the start: We started with a Problem-Solving Mindset, applied Innovative Engineering and provided Unrivalled Service from the start to end - inviting them to be a part of the whole process.

We believe in partnering with our customers and finding ways to assist them. We want to become an extension of our customers' business, by bringing value and solutions to them, and helping them achieve their goals. 

A new day has dawned for the mining industry in Canada, and PABT Canada is ready to seize it. 

Get in contact with our Sudbury Offices for local support in increasing your slurry pump efficiency and optimising your pump system.

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