Your Trusted Partner for Slurry Pumps and Outstanding Service


Pump & Abrasion Technologies: Your Trusted Partner for Slurry Pumps and Outstanding Service‍

In the demanding world of mining operations, where efficiency and reliability are paramount, finding the right partner for slurry pump solutions can make all the difference. Introducing Pump & Abrasion Technologies (PABT), an industry-leading OEM specialising in impact-reducing slurry pumping engineering, manufacturing, production, and support.

PABT is a trusted beacon of innovation, excellence, and exceptional service within the mining industry, found across a global network that is always striving to be where you are - ensuring nearby product specialists and support infrastructure, quick delivery, and local support for communities.

The Unrivalled Power of Slurry Pumps

Mining operations often involve the transportation of abrasive and corrosive slurries, which can wreak havoc on conventional pumps. Slurry pumps are the unsung heroes, specially designed to conquer these challenging conditions with ease.

At PABT, we've made it our mission to deliver impact-reducing slurry pumps that not only meet but exceed the expectations of mining professionals.

Unveiling the Difference: Pump & Abrasion Technologies

PABT is more than just a pump manufacturer; we are your strategic partner in optimising mining processes. Here's why we stand out:


Expertise You Can Rely On

With decades of experience, our team of slurry pump specialists understands the unique challenges faced by the mining industry. Our in-house design and development team leverages their expertise to design and deliver impact-reducing slurry pumps that perform flawlessly under the harshest conditions.


Innovation at Its Core

Our commitment to innovation drives us to continually push the boundaries of slurry pump technology. Our application engineers are always exploring new ways to enhance efficiency, durability, and ease of maintenance, ensuring you save time, money, and precious resources. We are your partners throughout the entire process, accompanying you from inspection to installation and commissioning, ensuring the highest level of support at every stage.


Versatility Matters:

Mining operations vary widely, and so do the demands on slurry pumps. Our range of Curve slurry pumps covers a spectrum of applications, from handling thick, abrasive slurries to efficiently transporting finer particles. No matter the task at hand, we have the solution for your mining operation.


Reducing Downtime

We understand that every minute of downtime translates to lost revenue. That's why our impact-reducing slurry pumps are designed for easy maintenance, ensuring that you can keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently. Moreover, we offer comprehensive spare part management services, ensuring that you're always well-equipped with the necessary components for your slurry pumps, preventing any unexpected interruptions.


The Curve Pump: A Game-Changer

At the heart of our offerings lies the Curve range of slurry pumps, a technological marvel that's transforming mining operations worldwide.

Here's why mining professionals are raving about it:


  • Performance Optimisation: Our next-generation Curve range of slurry pumps' incorporate the latest technological innovation to ensure that the impact-reducing design maximises efficiency, helping you reduce energy costs and improve overall performance.


  • Built to Last: In the tough mining environment, durability is non-negotiable. The Curve range of impact-reducing slurry pumps offer an extended lifespan, requiring minimal maintenance.


  • Adaptability: From tailings transport to underground mining, the Curve slurry pumps' adaptability shines through, making it a versatile asset in your operations.


  • Minimising Downtime: Every minute counts. Our pumps are engineered for quick and hassle-free maintenance, ensuring that downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.


Invest in Your Future with PABT

At PABT, we understand that the mining industry is not just about today; it's about securing your future. By choosing us as your partner, you're investing in a future where efficiency, reliability, and innovation are the driving forces behind your success.

Get in touch with one of our pump system specialist today for a quote on your application.



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