Elevate Your Mining Operations with the Curve® D150 Dewatering Pump


In the competitive realm of mining operations, efficient water management is not just an operational necessity—it's a strategic asset. At Pump & Abrasion Technologies, we understand the critical nature of effective dewatering and are proud to introduce the Curve® D150 Dewatering Pump, designed to revolutionise water handling in your operations.

Optimised for Efficiency and Longevity

The Curve® D150 stands out with its optimised internal flow profile design, which minimises changes in flow direction, thus significantly enhancing both the pump's total head and efficiency. This innovative design allows for flexibility in operation—either at higher heads or at reduced speeds. By lowering operational speeds, the Curve® D150 not only cuts down on power consumption but also extends the wear life of critical components, making it an ideal choice for sites aiming to optimize operational costs and environmental impact.

Advanced Sealing for Reduced Maintenance

Understanding the challenges of wear and tear in the impeller eye, the Curve® D150 incorporates dual axial and vertical sealing surfaces. This design innovation significantly curtails recirculation within the pump, boosting efficiency, and dramatically extending wear life. Such features ensure prolonged operational intervals and reliability, crucial for the rigorous demands of mining operations.

Unparalleled Design Features

With fully profiled vane profiles featuring incidence angled vanes, the Curve® D150 efficiently directs flow into the impeller, promoting even wear distribution and enhancing overall performance. Each pump is equipped with a hardened shaft sleeve, tailored for the use of high-spec packing that extends maintenance intervals by resisting wear and tear more effectively than traditional materials.

Effortless Integration and Maintenance

At Pump & Abrasion Technologies, we prioritise not only the performance but also the integration and maintenance of our solutions. The Curve® D150 features additional lifting points that simplify the pump assembly process, thereby enhancing safety and reducing downtime. Its compatibility with common high-pressure dewatering mechanical ends ensures it can be integrated into existing systems with minimal fuss, aligning with our commitment to seamless upgrades and operational excellence.

Committed to Unrivalled Service Excellence

Our dedication goes beyond providing superior pump technology. We offer comprehensive after-sales support 24/7/365, ensuring that help is always at hand, no matter where your operations are located. Our global footprint and unwavering commitment to service excellence make us a trusted partner in the mining industry.

Join the Future of Dewatering

The Curve® D150 Dewatering Pump is not just a piece of equipment; it's a pivotal part of your water management strategy, designed to drive down costs and boost efficiency in challenging environments. To learn more about how the Curve® D150 can benefit your operations, speak to one of our pump system specialists today.

Embrace the future of mining with technology that's engineered to excel.

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