The Cutting-Edge, Lightweight Device That Is Making A Big Difference


Are you struggling with rigid suction pipelines that have serious repercussions on your pump operation when it comes to safety, downtime and contributes to your slurry pumps’ increased wear life?


Pump & Abrasion Technologies are committed to solving your complex pump inefficiencies, no matter where in the pumping system they occur. Our R&D Department is constantly striving to be ahead of the curve by keeping your needs at the forefront of our engineering and design.


Extensive studies show that inlet flow conditions play a major role in a pump’s performance and wear life, and ultimately your Total Cost of Ownership. That is why we have developed the Curve® Flow Corrector. 

Increase Pump Life

The Curve® Flow Corrector reduces slurry turbulence before it enters the pump, thus increasing slurry pump component life. This is due to the built-in, patented cross profile which averages out the slurry velocity, therefore dramatically decreasing slurry pump wear. 


The patented chrome cross design is optimised to reduce the swirl and eddy of currents in the suction pipelines. This reduces the large flow velocity deviations usually found upstream of the pump’s inlet. It’s designed to ensure pressure drops are negligible and to ensure velocity is not increased due to the expanding nominal bore.

Pump & Abrasion Technologies recently fitted an Ultra High Dense Separation Iron Ore Project in South Africa with our Flagship Curve range of slurry pumps, as well as Curve Flow Correctors - which are assisting them with safety and ease of maintenance.

Increase Safety

The lightweight Curve® Flow Corrector is designed with a split flange to ensure that it easily ties up to your existing infrastructure. It is fitted with a Curve® Coupler & ergonomic soft grip handle. It is made of strong, yet lightweight polyurethane, with a glass reinforced plastic composite frame which enables it to be easily removed by only one person, using the ergonomic, ‘soft-grip’ handle - no rigging needed. 

Reduce Downtime

Removing the Curve® Flow Corrector leaves plenty of space to maintain the pump, which dramatically reduces downtime.


The quick release Curve® Coupler leaves space for a small gap in the pipeline, which is tightly sealed while it’s in place ensuring there’s no pipe pinching. It can be removed easily by loosening only 2 bolts. 


The Curve® Flow Corrector dramatically reduces overall pump system downtime, due to the space it creates in the pumping system, which allows for safe, easy access.


The Curve® Flow Corrector is a revolutionary device that makes a big difference. Join team Curve and be at the forefront of innovation. Speak to one of our Pump System Specialists today.

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