Curve Black Widow - It's New Tech, For Your Old Tech


Most slurry pumps, especially older technology pumps, tend to run in non-severe wear applications, creating the perception that they are non-problematic. However, this does not mean that their performance is by any means acceptable.

As innovators at Pump & Abrasion Technologies, we are passionate about improving performance. We knew we could get more out of current slurry pump systems: more life, more efficiency, better sealing and lower operating costs.

We didn’t stop there - we wanted these improvements to require zero capital, zero modifications and zero on-site training.

More Is Possible

After years of R&D, we are excited to say ‘More Is Possible’ as we introduce our brand new, umbrella of 21st century technology: The Curve Black Widow.

This is not a new slurry pump, rather High Performance Kits (or HPKs) designed to work on existing slurry pumps and make them more efficient. With Curve Black Widow, you can upgrade your old system and achieve better results, without changing your current slurry pump or outlaying any extra capital.

It's new tech, but for your old tech.

Just like upgrading the performance of a motor vehicle to achieve better fuel efficiency, power, or improved off-road performance. With BW HPKs you can now buy upgrade kits that will improve the performance of your old slurry pump.

What does the Black Widow Kits Consist of?

A High-Performance Kit (HPK) is an assembly or a kit of selected upgrade parts that can be fitted to a pump system. Currently there are 3 HPK’s available:

HPK 1 and HPK1+


Improve your performance, without changing your pump.

Curve Black Widow kits are designed to eliminate recirculation, deliver a superior seal, reduction in wear rate, improve efficiency and better performance from your existing pump system, without additional capital, training or modifications to your existing setup.

Old Tech vs New Tech

The blueprint of a slurry pump has become industry standard in the last 50 years with little to no innovation. That is until now. With our problem solving mindset and a vision to reinvigorate the slurry pump market - we identified the following problems and inefficiencies of the existing “Old Tech” slurry pumps:

  1. Recirculation - which leads to inefficient pumping.
  2. Poor Hydraulic Flow Profile - inefficient curvature on the main blade creating vortices and inducing wear, as well as an unsafe intake joint.
  3. Impeller Setting Limitations - with the existing old tech you need to either choose to set the impeller backward to get better sealing or pushing it forward to improve the effects of recirculation.
  4. More Flow - the historical design does not allow for any upgrade in flow and head with the current impeller.
  5. Sealing Arrangement - inferior material used for components.

New Tech Improvements

HPK 1 and HPK 1+

1. Recirculation:

1.1 Throat-bush protruding into the impeller eye - this creates an axial seal and eliminates recirculation, dramatically improves efficiency.

1.2 Impeller eye diameter increased to accept axial seal from throat-bush.

1.3 “Flinger” type pump-out vanes are added on the front shroud to protect the axial seal.

1.4 Number of pump-out vanes increased for better performance.

1.5 Fully profiled vanes - contact area increased.

2. Poor Hydraulic Flow Profile:

2.1 Fully profiled vanes - contact area of leading edge increased to reduce turbulent flow.

2.2 Blade hydraulic flow part improved by increasing the amount of radiuses to create an optimised blade.

2.3 Inlet and outlet angles smoothened to be less aggressive, increasing wear resistance.

2.4 Minimum of 17 radiuses vs 3 on old tech. Resulting in the improved efficiency and wear resistance of the impeller blade.

3. Impeller Setting Limitations:

3.1 Accurately machined pump out vanes to decrease front and rear impeller/sideliner gap. Machining allows great control over impeller width tolerance. In the past we were at the mercy of normal sand casting tolerances. 

3.2 Thicker impeller to fill area between side liners and decrease front and rear gap.

4. More Flow

4.1 Optimised hydraulic profile which results in improved resistance to wear AND increase vane OD to increase pump head by 10%.

5. Sealing

5.1 All sealing parts investment cast and machined from 27% chrome white cast iron.

Added Benefits:

  • No added additional capital expenditure.
  • No modifications.
  • No training required.
  • No adjustment throughout pump’s operational intervals.
  • Safer to work on.
  • Improved Slurry Pump efficiency, reduced power consumption.
  • Reduced Total Operating Costs.

Visit the PABT website for more information or to download the Curve Black Widow Field Application Report.

You can also get in contact with one of our Pump System Specialists who are ready to assist you to Get More, Without Spending More.

Don’t accept the performance of your outdated slurry pump. Choose to upgrade your slurry pump without any capital, training or modification.

Curve Black Widow - More Is Possible.

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