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Pump & Abrasion is known for designing and supplying pump products that make a substantial difference to our clients’ business by reducing Total Ownership Cost (TOC); their impact on the environment and improving safety conditions in some of the most challenging environments on the planet. However, it took one special team to sign one of the biggest projects for Pump & Abrasion Technologies South Africa, in the DRC: A total of 79 pumps were installed, including our CURVE Range, our Battlemax Range and our Battlemax Vertical Spindle.

Excellence In The Approach

The client has a strong internal project department – which allows them to be very hands-on and involved. It is due to their proactive approach and having the experience that they have in the DRC, that they insisted on a selection of very specific materials that had to be a part of this pump project. They also required a bespoke pumping solution that could be used on their acid applications. With our problem-solving philosophy, our General Manager, Technical Sales Manager and DRC Country Manager worked together with our in-house R&D department to discuss how we could use innovative engineering to supply a custom pumping solution. Extensive tests and trials were performed on the Acid Resistant Rubber liners and our low-carbon-M2 impellers and we managed to adapt our current CURVE Range Slurry Pumps, meeting the client’s requirements and exceeding all their expectations.

“Our first step on site was to solve a problem, we built a relationship with them and proved to them the extent to which we would go in order to provide our clients with an unmatched product and service. I think our assistance during the feasibility stage, while they were still doing the study, also really convinced them of our calibre and opened the door for us to go into the final stages and supply them with the final package.”
– Marco Naude, PABT Technical Sales Manager

Good Things Come To Those Who Work for It

Jaco Swart, Country Manager in the DRC states that the process initially started two years ago, when one of our CURVE pumps was installed at a sister plant to solve a problem through our application engineering expertise. It was in these two years that Pump & Abrasion Technologies formed foundational relationships with the engineers on site. As a result of this and the success of the CURVE pump installed, Pump & Abrasion technologies got included in the tendering of this project.

“We made sure we had all bases covered, guaranteeing the phenomenal success of this project.”
– Jaco Swart, PABT Country Manager in the DRC

Pump & Abrasion Technologies proved to be a trustworthy pump supplier by delivering on our promises, providing unrivalled services and technical support involved, and allowing them to see for themselves how our CURVE Range would change the way they view slurry pumps forever – saving them time, money, and precious resources. We partner with our customers to deliver impact-reducing products that make a huge difference and result in massive savings.

Speak to one of our dedicated pump system specialists today, and we will help you optimise your pump system the CURVE Way.

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