Pump & Abrasion Technologies’ GM driving for further success

August 8, 2019

Grinaker has always kept her eye on the prize, having her career path mapped out at an early age. After qualifying with a degree in finance, she decided to venture into banking. She quickly moved up the ranks, eventually landing the position of Head of Investment Banking at Grindrod Bank Limited. Her success there was so rapid that she became the youngest member on the bank’s executive committee. It was during this tenure that she had the opportunity to work with and get to know PAB and its shareholders and was impressed by the company’s forward thinking approach, ethos and ambition. In October 2018, Grinaker closed the chapter on her banking career, taking up the position of general manager at PAB. Now, less than a year into her role at the company, it is clear that Grinaker’s vision and fresh approach has already had a positive impact.

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